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Artistic Direction

The Child and the Beast

“The story of a brave child who managed to tame his destiny until finding refuge and protection.”

An incredibly original performance, a fusion of literature and music, a tale by Elvira Lindo, published with an open heart, narrated by the author herself. In this performance, leitmotifs from her story intertwine with music performed by the Linien Soundkraft group, creating a show full of spontaneity and artistic richness.

“The Child and the Beast” was written specifically to be narrated, with original music composed by the Finnish artist Jarkko Riihimäki. After falling in love with the text, he visited Madrid, strolled through some of the locations mentioned in the story, and composed the pieces that make up the performance.

Elvira Lindo, through her narration, becomes an instrument within the orchestra. Under the artistic direction of María Lindo, Elvira tells a story written by her, accompanied by music inspired by tango, copla, cuplé, jazz, Cuban music, and with echoes of Leonard Bernstein and Paul McCartney.

Elvira Lindo, writer, and narrator.

Composer, Jarkko Riihimäki

Ander Perrino, orchestration and musical director.

María Lindo, artistic director.

Ensemble, Linien Soundkraft.Linien Soundkraft.

María Lindo, english Horn.

Olatz Ruiz de Godejuela, violin.

Salvador Bolón, cello.

Ander Perrino, double bass.

18 Dollars

The music of Astor Piazzolla and J.S. Bach coexist in this program that narrates the journey of the bandoneón from Germany, where it was created to play Lutheran music in poor Saxon churches, to the Río de la Plata, where it was quickly embraced by the tango. The quartet formation, consisting of oboe, English Horn, bassoon, and double bass, creates a program full of colors that convey the harmonies of Bach and Piazzolla in a very original and genuine way.

Linien Soundkraft

María Lindo, artistic director.

Ander Perrino, arrangements and musical director.

Lu’s Umbrella

Lu’s Umbrella is a musical tale for children created with recycled music and scenes. An interactive show where the audience will immerse themselves in singing the story and songs of Lu, creating the stage with used materials. The duration is approximately 2 hours, with the first 45 minutes spent in a workshop where children create the stage with materials such as Tetra Paks, cardboard, clothes, or anything no longer in use. There will be a 15-minute break for the children to take their seats with their families, followed by a one-hour performance.


Lu is a child who desires a superhero umbrella like all the other Umbrella Kids. On rainy days, they flaunt their umbrellas on the way to school. Lu gets upset and throws away the badge Mom gave him. The badge holds a secret. The path illuminated by Mom’s absence and the jumble of pieces found in Dad’s junkyard lead him to build the fanciest umbrella of all.

With this project, Linien Soundkraft aims to creatively raise awareness about the importance of recycling for our planet’s health and show that each of us can reduce the impact of climate change. The Linien Soundkraft ensemble, consisting of oboe, English Horn, harpsichord, double bass, and percussion, provides the music for the narration and songs performed by an actor.

Directed and staged : María Lindo.

Composition: Ander Perrino.

Script: Isabel Fernández Lindo.

Graphic design: Sahuco.